The short answer:  NO.

The staff here reads a steady diet of google news and specifically the “restaurant news” section on the web. We also  watch shows like CNBC that provide the financial angle of things. An outfit called business insider tends to walk the line of sensational hard to pin opinion and facts (or at least per their headlines).

Recent across the board consensus is about a (supposed) burgeoning success ratio of independent minded operators who own multiple concept types.

ACCORDING TO THE NUMBERS  things haven\’t changed that much at all. In our office we began the effort in 2004.

We began tracking small independent multi-concept operators with less than 30 units, the numbers are about the same.

More than 1100 companies are of the type.

Growth and decay is in constant flux.  There\’s no “instant” growth system available.

Many  operators who are upscale in nature have large footprints and can take many months (or years) to open a new location with large investments and highly seasoned management. It\’s all super hard to procure and bring to life quickly.

It seems to us, general media wants there to be some sort of new age happening but there is not much significance either way.

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