FoodserviceData360TM is an online, interactive directory that provides qualified sales leads, contact information and location data for commercial and non-commercial foodservice companies throughout the United States and Canada. Powered by meticulously aggregated and verified data, the directory provides intuitive search tools, market insights and user support to help clients boost sales, reduce costs, and expand their foodservice business.
  • Precisely Defined Operator Relationships

    Ownership connections and linkages are displayed in a hierarchical view. You gain a clear picture of where to find organizational decision makers and a concise overview of the connections between locations, multi-concepts, franchisees, multi-concept operators, parent companies and ultimate corporate owners.

  • Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage

    Raw data, no matter how comprehensive, is almost useless. As a full-service data service bureau and expert data integration partner, we help you turn information into intelligence.

  • Up-to-Date Contact Information

    Looking for specific contact titles? We specialize in discovering who the current decision makers are. We also provide multiple contacts per location with management titles, multiple emails, and LinkedIn direct connections (where available).

  • Ease of Use

    With more than 100 unique market filters and relevant data fields, you can slice and dice your market by relevant attributes, segments, geography, job titles, ownership hierarchy (owner relationships) and much more.

  • Exportable Data Sets

    Download or transfer relevant reports into popular CRM applications like HubSpot and Salesforce -- or into widely used formats like Excel or CSV.

  • No Stone Left Unturned

    The FoodserviceData360TM directory pulls data from every imaginable source, then subjects it to rigorous verification and analysis. Each week, for example, we add, modify or purge more than 20,000 records. The result, actionable data that spans:

    • 1.2 million out-of-home (OOH) locations
    • 4,500 multi-unit HQ companies
    • 1,000 franchisee groups
    • 475,000 decision-makers
    • 225,000 email addresses
    • 10,000 direct-dial phone numbers for C-suite executives

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