Our sales support team can help you optimize the value of the sales and marketing data delivered by the FoodserviceData360TM directory. Augmenting this high-quality location and contact information, we offer a suite of services to help you maximize your market analysis, lead generation, prospecting and closing.

  • Here’s how we can help you optimize your sales efforts:

    • Customized prospect targeting options
    • Surveys, outreach and lead generation
    • Sales leads delivered weekly to your reps’ email inboxes
    • Current information on food, beverage, category spend
    • Customer profile mapping with our Whitezone Finder

  • Hosting and synchronization

    If desired, you can migrate your entire database to our proprietary system. We merge, purge, clean and match our records with yours and help you find new prospects by analyzing your current market penetration.

  • Integration

    • Certified partner for Salesforce applications. Our sales experts ensure seamless on boarding to Salesforce and other CRM applications including HubSpot.
    • Enterprise server. Our systems are designed to maintain security and confidentiality when linked to your company’s private server.
    • Individual user logins. Your sales, marketing and C-level staff benefit from individual logins, saved searches and custom filters.

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