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Growing Concepts of Multi Unit Operators
Concepts that have grown by at least 5% (if less than 50 units).
Sioux Falls, SD-based WR RESTAURANTS MGMT (founded 1977) has increased by 2 units, from 24 to 26 (8% growth), with the addition of 2 new concepts called Taphouse 41 and All Day Cafe.  Other concepts are Blue Bell Lodge Dining (1), Deadwood Grille (1), Dining Room @ Grand Lake Lodge (1), Grille 26 (1), Kahill\’s (1), Legion Lake Lodge Dining (1), Minerva\’s (9), Oggie\’s Sports Bar (1), Paramount Studio Cocktails & Food (1), Phillips Avenue Diner (1), Redrossa Italian Grille (2), Redrossa Napoli Pizza (2), State Game Lodge Dining (1), and Sylvan Lake Lodge Dining (1).  The restaurants are mostly family/casual, open for lunch and dinner.  Per person check average is $10-$30+, serving American and Italian cuisines.  The restaurants average seating for about 200, with full bar service.  Catering and banquet services are available.  Trading areas are CO, IA, MI, MN, NE, NE, and SD.

Emerging and Re-emerging Concepts


Concepts with 20 units or less who grew by at least 2 units.


Sarasota, FL-based LINKSTERS MANAGEMENT (founded 2001) has increased by 3 units for the Paddy Wagon concept, from 4 to 7 (75% concept growth).  Other company concepts include Legends Sports Pub (1), Linksters Tap Room (9), Smokin\’ Joes (1), and The Old Venice Pub (1).  Overall company increase was from 16 to 19 (19% growth).  The restaurants are family/casual sports bars, serving American cuisine.  Per person check average is $8-$20+, with seating for about 150.  All the restaurants are in FL.


Repeat Growers

Concepts previously written about in the past 18 months.

California-based BLUEWATER GRILL SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS (founded 1996) has increased by 1 unit, from 5 to 6 (20% growth).  This family/casual concept is open for lunch and dinner, with a $10-$30+ per person check average.  The restaurants have full bar service and seating for about 200.  Private party services are available.  Trading areas are AZ and CA.  We last featured this company on 3/19/13 (25% growth).


Salt Lake City, UT-based CAFE RIO (founded 1997) has increased by 7 units, from 63 to 70 (11% growth).  This is a fast casual Mexican concept, open for lunch and dinner.  Per person price range is $4-$12+, with seating for about 100.  Catering and online ordering options are offered.  Trading areas are AZ, CA, CO, ID, MD, MT, NV, UT, VA, WA, and WY.  We wrote about this concept on 5/21/13 (28% growth) and on 1/7/14 (7% growth).


MOOYAH BURGERS & FRIES based in Plano, TX (founded 2005) has increased by 7 units for Mooyah Burgers, from 56 to 63 (13% growth) and expanded into IL and NJ.  These are fast casual restaurants with seating for around 60.  Meal periods are lunch and dinner.  Per person check average is around $4-$12+.  Catering is offered.  There is a second company concept called Ojos Locos Sports Cantina (5 units).  Overall company increase is from 61 to 68 (11% company growth).  Locations are franchised and are in AL, AR, CA, CT, IL, KS, MT, NJ, OK, TN, TX, VA and WA.  We last reported on this concept on 1/14/14 (7% growth).


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