We’ve been in the food service research business since 1996, when we started providing
full reporting on all new restaurant opening locations in the U.S. each week, 49 weeks per
year. Today, we’ve broadened our scope to the entire food service market, but our commitment to painstaking research and reporting hasn’t changed.

  • It’s in our DNA, it’s what we do.

    Mining publicly available data is a good beginning, but nothing can replace the experience and judgment of our research professionals. Out data scientists collect, augment and verify information using sophisticated research tools and proprietary AI applications that are simply not found in other directories.

  • We make it easy for you to find what you need.

    Unique searchable categories in our directory include number of seats, square footage, average check size, unit sales volume, number of employees, social media score and dozens of other criteria.

  • We turbocharge our technology with human smarts.

    Unlike many of our competitors, who rely on automated research tools and stale data sources, the FoodserviceData360 directory delivers information that is regularly verified and updated thanks to a diligent research team, robust systems and proven tools.

  • So why us?

    Here’s the short answer: fresh data, collected by experienced human beings and backed by years of experience.

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