How do you get to 4 stars?

Put into play these simple, no cost rules amongst your FOH staff and you will add 1-2 stars to your operations, guaranteed!

1) There are no “guys.” Addressing customers as such lowers the class of you operation at the get-go if servers address their customers this way. Needless to say if there ever was a certain type of mood, you just killed it.

2) Saying no problem is a problem. It suggests you are doing your customers a favor. Try : Certainly, my pleasure!

3) Never touch your face and hair. You see this everywhere in retail, but not in high quality stores.

4) Realize every customer inside the four walls is everyone\’s responsibility to make sure they are acknowledged and serviced. There is nothing worse than being seen by multiple staff members and this not happening. You have 45 seconds to get to the table after being seated, or at least someone does.

5) Make small talk with others only off the floor. Never within earshot of customers.

6) Don\’t take food out of the kitchen unless it\’s right. If the BOH does not comply get with a manager to discuss resolution standards and techniques.

Special note: Having the kitchen forcing servers to take out and serve poor quality food (when it\’s evident it\’s not up to par) is often the crux of failed FOH operations and consequently- shuttered restaurants. Considering a typical kitchen serves up hundreds of items throughout a shift, some will not be perfect! The FOH needs this empowerment.

7) Make repeated attempts to make eye contact with all your customers (until you have mini-bonded with everyone at your point of service is the goal!).

8) If you get in the weeds or suspect it\’s coming ask for help. No one more than top pros ask for help as soon as they sense performance is slipping for the customer.

9) Always handle glassware by the stem, bottom, even when empty/ dirty. Same with silverware (even plastic).

10) When asked for a suggestion it\’s best not to say everything. In doing so, you have not helped your customers at all. They want to know what you really think.

11) Unless a customer pushes a plate forward or lays his silverware in his plate, best not to remove it. You need some sort of signal from the customer they are finished. You can always wait until everyone is done (course variations and service agreed upon by the customer at table/order time) and remove all the plates at once.

12) Remove all plates, extra empty glassware and silverware once customers have completed their meals leaving only a full water glass. Stacking dishes in front of customers (on tray stands, in hands, etc.) or on the table is inappropriate, overall it dilutes the initial food/dish value when it was first placed in front of the customer.

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