The foodservice industry is vast and ever changing. Today’s hot lead can very quickly become tomorrow’s dead end. It is embarrassing and unprofitable to call the wrong number, send duplicate emails to a single prospect, bombard prospects with redundant offers or end up in your customer’s spam filter.

Many databases are ill equipped to handle redundant, obsolete, or inaccurate information. That’s why many of our clients rely on our IT team to help them clean, synchronize and append their fragmented databases.
  • We’ll help you optimize your in-house files by:

    • Deleting out-of-business locations.
    • Adding new locations that match your exact profile requirements.
    • Leveraging CASS certification to fix and clean addresses and ensure a USPS match.
    • Adding current owner contact data to locations (from our repository of more than 400,000 current owner names).
    • Adding ownership connections and relationships to your existing data.
    • Putting the specific data you want (for example: sales, size, employee count, category spend, etc.) where you want it.

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