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a database of restaurant groups (both public and private).  We track unit growth (and decline) over time.  Information quality varies depending on the specific company. In addition to headquarters geographic data, our database includes information on cuisine, meal periods, service style, alcoholic beverage licensing, and average unit volume (AUV).  ORL offers specialized modeling and analytical capabilities for food and beverage strategic planners, market analysts and sales professionals, including the capabilities below:  

Growth Trend Analysis

This analysis helps determine the primary growth factors in the next generation of restaurant chains.  Since our companies were chosen by size (measured by the number of units) and information availability and reliability, our statistics reflect hidden growth activity rarely covered by industry publications.  We also forecast future growth in a one year time frame.  

Market Segment Analysis

 This study shows growth trends by key market segments.  We look at each data field (i.e. Cuisine, Meal Periods, Service Style, etc.) and analyze the high impact segments in-depth.  This analysis is not restricted to raw numbers.  We look at the stimulus behind hidden trends.  Our reports may be customized to meet the needs of our readers.  

Power Ranking Analysis

This approach identifies and ranks the boldest moves.  We offer the inside scoop on local mergers, buyouts, major expansion efforts and mass closing retrenchments.  Our goal is to give readers the information necessary to determine whether the growth rates are sustainable.  

Crosstab Analysis

Segment data is used to produce tables depicting interesting trends across two or more data fields.  For example, we report on growth trends by cuisine for each meal service option.  These crosstab reports help to isolate major market movers in the micro-cap and small-cap sector.  These analyses uncover strategic and tactical opportunities for companies interested in doing business with these emerging leaders.  We help marketers identify, size, and prioritize new opportunities.

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