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What is is a directory of sales leads for companies that sell products and services to restaurants.

We track, trail and cover more than 7300 restaurant chain businesses throughout the continental U.S.

Included are 20,000 unique contact personnel and 10,000 personal emails.

Unlike most other directories which go out of date quickly, our listings are updated and reviewed constantly. Clients access via online by logging on to our website.

Get the story in our alerts video as to why clients renew year after year.

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Who publishes

The directory is published by Restaurantdata®.com a service of the Research Report for Foodservice- A leading provider of qualified sales leads covering restaurants, bars, hotels, country clubs and cafes throughout the United States.


Category look-ups #’s (Total Company HQ Records- 4700, inclusive of 7300 concepts)

Unique Brand Chains 3800
Restaurant Groups 1190
Franchisor Companies 1120
Franchisee Companies 950
Upscale 700
Family/Casual Dining 2010
Quick/Fast Casual/Take-out/Delivery Concepts 2275
Public Companies 140
Catering 2400
Banquet 1370
Merchandise 1030
Gift Cards/Certificates 3310
Internet Reservations 390
Internet Food/Menu Ordering 370
500-2000 square feet 875
2500-3500 square feet 1050
4000-5000 square feet 850
6000-8000 square feet 425
9000-11,000+ square feet 80
Full Bar 1850
Beer/Wine 1250
B/L 90
B/L/D 1200
L/D 2800
D 225
American Cuisine 1900
Pizza 850
Steakhouse 160
Mexican 550
Seafood 150
French 30
Mediterranean 25
Italian 360
Thai 45
Japanese 55
Burger 295
Chicken 185
Sandwich 195
$100-250 mil sales 200
$250-400 mil sales 60
$400-750 mil sales 50
$750-1 bil sales 17
$1-2 bil sales 20
$2-3 bil sales 10
$3-5 bil sales 8
$5 bil and up 14
Total units represented in our Restaurant Chain universe 250,000

* Numbers are approximate

How many chains do you cover and how many units are there in each chain?

Size of chain, number of chains covered*

2-4 units 1000
6-10 units 850
11-15 units 175
16-20 units 80
21-30 units 250
31-50 units 190
51-99 units 190
100+ units 270

* Numbers are approximate

How often is mailed or e-mailed to me?

As an online customer you have real-time, anytime access to, 24/7.

Alerts keeping you updated and informed are sent out by email each Tuesday

How can I be sure the information in your directory is current?

We verify and than re-verify again! Please take a look at our sample alerts placed on the site.

Our methods include reaching out to each company at the corporate level. At least one-two times per year we directly contact updating pertinent modifications and changes. Changes include keeping up with new personnel, expansions and closings.

How do you establish check averages, square footage and seats for companies that have multiple concepts, cuisines, sizes, and types of operations?

We take a weighting of each company.

Their stores, size, shape, check averages, trading areas, etc. We apply an algorithm to produce high quality, consistent averages.

Can I get a demo and live sample?

Certainly. Contact us anytime. In a quick 10-15 minutes demonstration we can display and explain the full scope of quality and breadth through a screen share presentation.

Following the presentation we will send you a sample from our time together.

Special note to Restaurant multi-unit companies:

We do our best to keep up with your company changes, if you do not see your company highlighted in the weekly newsletter please see the following questions and answers,

Q. Why does my company not appear in newsletters?

A 1.

Are you sure?

We produce newsletters every week and unless you are on the list and review them each week and/or have reviewed our archives it’s hard to be sure.

A 2. We may have had difficulties attaining accurate information from your company on attempts by our researchers in moments of re-verification.

A 3. If your website displays public location data we will display what is found. At the least, we often rely on websites for information on units and counts.

Special note to PR firms: We often rely on public legal filings for new company store openings. We may know before other announcements are made or captured by other media outlets. Please know there are more than 125 multi-unit openings per week across the USA.

A 4. To make sure we are getting the right information please have someone from your company available whom we can communicate with.

Questions? Call 1-914 591-4297

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