Restaurant Activity in the days of COVID-19

Restaurant Activity in the days of COVID-19

New restaurant openings and new restaurant filing activity display

Week ending 04/30/2020

We have added a new table, New opening counts of Counter Service versus Sit-down Service and new openings of Independent local stores versus chain local stores:

One bottom line is apparent within the addition of the service sector chart since the days of Covid: Chains have had a significant slowdown of new units compared to independents. In past times chains were 1 of 3.75 new openings and currently (on average) 1 of 7.5 new openings. The shift toward counter service is also revealed.

As part of our normal course of daily work we evaluate the restaurant landscape and offer granular location and owner data for clients. We are now publishing real (no duplication) counts of new opening restaurants in the U.S.  each week during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Pre COVID-19,  net new openings counts ranged between 550-850 new openings per week in the U.S.   Most operators file for their new businesses well in advance and optimism (plus change) never ends.

The disparity between Raw and Net is a result of filing duplication, errors and invalid legal filings that do not pertain to real activity. Our staff discerns each filing accordingly.


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