Last week there was a significant dip

Last week there was a significant dip

Weekly net new restaurant openings week ending 06/12/2020. Displayed is the biggest drop in beverage license applications since prior to COVID-19 shutdowns.



Q&A- Typical questions,

1. Q- How can there be any net new openings at all right now?

A-It’s a big country and enthusiasm is softened but not fully gone. There are also deals in the pipeline that have yet to come to fruition.

2. Q-Why would anyone open a sit-down restaurant today?

A- (opinion) Sit-down restaurants are a long held bastion for independent operators. It has never changed and will take more time for a greater shift. In addition chains are seemingly (by and large) better at adopting the technologies of today in having well functioning apps/technology and the intimidation factor is high for many independent operators.

3. Q- Where do you get your information?

A-Legal filings only of public information. For more than 23 years, we obtain new filings issued by states and municipalities.

4. Q- How can the numbers be so close week to week?

A- The U.S. herd mentality is real and lives in the land of the restaurant business. On our end we display what comes through the legal filings channels, unabated.


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