Special note to Restaurant multi-unit companies:

We do our best to keep up with your company changes, if you do not see your company highlighted in the weekly newsletter please see the following questions and answers,

Q. Why does my company not appear in newsletters?

A 1.

Are you sure?

We produce newsletters every week and unless you are on the list and review them each week and/or have reviewed our archives it’s hard to be sure.

A 2. We may have had difficulties attaining accurate information from your company on attempts by our researchers in moments of re-verification.

A 3. If your website displays public location data we will display what is found. At the least, we often rely on websites for information on units and counts.

Special note to PR firms: We often rely on public legal filings for new company store openings. We may know before other announcements are made or captured by other media outlets. Please know there are more than 125 multi-unit openings per week across the USA.

A 4. To make sure we are getting the right information please have someone from your company available whom we can communicate with.

Questions? Call 1-914 591-4297

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